Apr 11, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

We had some great weather this weekend which always makes for great times!We saw the movie Hop (which Seth and I both loved equally) we cooked out, played ball in the yard, brought out the water guns, harassed the dogs with them, walked to the park, played with the neighbors, and even got spiderman ice cream from the ice cream truck! While grilling out Saturday Kevin and Seth played in the "man-cave" and practiced ball in the yard when they came in he said "dad, thanks for the best night of my life". Call me soft but I fought back tears! Thank God for great men and great weather, and of course ice cream trucks :-)

Apr 6, 2011

Boogies...Boogies...and more Boogies!!

I am going to blame it on the weather for now since it has ranged form 50 to 79 and mostly over cast and rain the past several weeks. My poor buddy is congested, he has the dark circles under his eyes and post nasal drip at night, he was up from about 4:30 to say 6am then awoke again at 7:15 for school. I have him on every med I can think of, I went and got him a children's night time sleep aid so maybe we could get some much needed rest tonight. Tonight is supposed to be his first baseball practice and I really don't want to make him miss it but I also hate to make him any sicker by running around in the cool air (it's in the mid 60's and breezy today). Grrrrrrrr, somedays it's just really hard being a CF mom.

Apr 2, 2011

My brave boy

I was so proud of my beautiful baby boy yesterday, he went was so nervous but refused to drop a tear during either of his blood drawings. His first pft was in the low 80's and they talked about putting in the hospital for IV antibiotics...so I asked them to do them again to be sure. He is still so young it's hard to know whats lung function and what's technic. When his numbers where still low nurse Karen came in to get Kevin and I...Seth said he needed cheer leaders. So we went in to cheer and made him laugh, he then turned to us and said "no, say Seth Seth your the best". So that's what we did and the results were............. 92% twice in a row! It just goes to show we all need someone behind us saying how great we are!!
By the time we made it home we had a message saying that his blood sugar levels were normal.
As much as I have come to HATE that word I was so grateful to hear it!

Mar 29, 2011

Dr appointment ;((

We've got a Dr's appointment Friday to check Seth's blood sugar. Last time we went we had his annual blood draw and his sugar was extremely high, however I explained that he had a chocolate milk and double chocoate bar for breakfast, the Dr's still feel it's best to be sure. Turns out this test requires him to fast until the first blood draw then eat...wait two hours...then get his blood drawn again. Seth really HATES needles and is probably gonna fall apart at the idea of two sticks :(( I am not looking forward to Friday...

Mar 22, 2011

FUNdraising time!!

So team "Seth's Angels" are all signed up for the 2011 fundraising year!! We have two big fundraisers coming up, one being the Belk's charity day, which is win win because you buy a ticket for $5 then when you go to belk's you present the ticket and get $5 off your purchase! Not to mention they have amazing sales that day!! Then we have the popcorn booth at the down town 4th of July festival. We did this last year and not only did we make a lot of money but we had a blast! If your in EC please come see us and support the cause!! You can also always donate online at cff.org. THANKS!

Feb 8, 2011


Last week marked one year for Seth's "straw"! What started out being one of the most heart breaking and difficult times of our families life has now become quite the life saver! I truely believe having that extra nutrition has not only helped him grow (he is in the 80% for his height) but has helped him fight off little spats with the cold this winter. So to that I say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRAW!"
This also marks one whole year of good health and no stays in the hospital :))

Feb 1, 2011


Today is cold and foggy...aka miserable! My son is starting with the sniffles and headaches, sinus infection here we come! On the way to school he heard a commercial for under eye cream that would help with dark circles and he told me he wanted some. I said he didn't need it his eyes weren't so bad, he said that the dark circles made him look ugly and people kept asking him if he was tired. My heart broke a little...I know its something so minor but between this nasty weather lately and my baby starting to get sick and feeling self concious my mood has definently mirrored the weather...crappy:(

Jan 30, 2011

Seth's new hair cut...

It broke my heart but here it is... Seth's new hair cut! Where as Seth loved his "surfer hair" he hated that people kept calling him a girl! He looks so grown...I can't wait for it to grow back!