Aug 11, 2010

Enjoying the last of summer!!

We are trying our best to enjoy the last couple of weeks before school starts but considering this is the hottest summer on record in seven years it is really hard to enjoy the great outdoors unless we are in the water! How ever we do try to walk (ride around) the neighborhood a couple times a week Seth gets so hot just being out there that we have to take AC breaks! Non the less I think Seth and I have both really enjoyed being home together this summer, even if I am working from home (BTW thats VERY hard to do!) we have been able to spend so much quality time together and we all know just how priceless that it. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer too :)
P.S. Happy birthday grandma Jane!!

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Anonymous said...

Does that say Happy 39th birthday! Wow she looks great for her age, and Seth looks like a cool dude on that four wheeler!

Lotsa Love, Love, Love